Quotations are estimated in the following way…

1Calligraphic Services

A cost will be quoted by the word, by the hour or as a lump sum depending on the size of the job and the deadline required. Lynne itemises variables such as…

~nhow many colours, amount of decoration and size

~ntype of paper/writeable material

~nraw material such as metallic inks, gold leaf, CDs,

~namount of meetings necessary with client

~npostage and packing or delivery request

~ndate of completion and deadlines.


There are standard rates for colour and black/white, quotable upon request. Sometimes whole books attract a fee on a royalty basis, ie receiving a percentage of sales income from the publisher.

Lynne with sea urchin

Dunbar, Scotland

3Book Design

Standard rates for cover designs, spot illustrations, page design and typesetting—by the hour, by the page or as a lump sum.

4Exhibition and commissioned pieces…

~nA quote will be given dependent on market rates

~nFraming or mounting can be arranged separately

~nAn estimate will be given upon request and a 20% deposit required before commencement

~nRough designs are provided and agreed upon before proceeding with final artwork

~nPayment can be made by cheque, international money order or Direct Bank Deposit. DD Details will be given upon request.


to see at a larger scale


to see at a larger scale


to see at

a larger scale