As a freelance artist, Lynne’s portfolio of artwork is rich and diverse. Her work encompasses general book design, non-fiction children’s books, decorative gift-books, exhibition-ready illustration, package design for deluxe boxed stationery, customised certificates and personally commissioned poetry. Citations and presentation pieces for businesses, birthday gifts and wedding invitations; even aihand-written proposal have been designed.

Illustrated books are sold into Europe, USA and around Australia. Stationery is widely available in retail and direct market outlets.

She has calligraphed 1000 place names for President George Bush, hand-painted certificates for Barry Humphries from the City of Melbourne, SES volunteers for bravery in action, Aboriginal tribes for land treaties and letters of appointment to state and federal judges. Every child born into eastern Australian states has a choice of Lynne’s flora and fauna style designs on their birth certificates, and new companies can purchase one of her designs for commemoration of registration.

Wildlife books have won awards from The Children’s Book Council, The Australian for Excellence in Educational Publishing, The Whitley Awards, CJ Dennis Award and the Wilderness Society.

Calligraphic pieces hang in Government House, Darwin and private establishments around the world from New York to Britain, Ireland to Sydney.

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