‘Wanderings’—Lynne's Annual Exhibition…

What a great success the exhibition was.

Wanderings explores the themes of walking for the soul—as a.pilgrim, as a lover of wilderness and as a.representation of the journey of life. Perhaps, as we are made of stardust, we wander as do the planets and that gives us peace and satisfaction.

From the pilgrim paths of Europe, exploring the wilds of the Celtic outposts of Iona and walking at the southernmost tip of mainland Australia, Lynne uses—as inspiration for these journeys—the words of Celtic scribes and Scottish-American wilderness campaigner John Muir.

Lynne’s work may be known to you from her associations with the Calligraphy Society of Victoria, award-winning children’s art books from Greater Glider, the Australian Birth Certificate or illustrated books on the saints from Garratt Publishing.

Contact Lynne if something caught your eye—original art on paper, wood and canvas, fine art prints, books, calligraphy and cards. These are all still available.